Elements Meditations – Mother Earth

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Mother Earth

Expresses the solid & grounding element Earth.

Length: 15 Min

Brainwave Frequency:  Relaxing Alpha

Use This Sound For: Grounding & Relaxation


Mother Earth – 15 min

Expresses the solid & grounding element Earth.

Come along on a journey through the four basic elements: earth – water – fire – air. This special & unique set of sound meditations which express the four basic elements use soothing soundscapes mixed with nature sounds that will put you at ease and will revitalize you.

‘Mother Earth’ will ground you firmly into our solid and warm planet. ‘Luscious Water’ will refresh and revitalize you. ‘Mystic Fire’ will take you on a journey through the unknown and will cleanse you through the mystical fire. Heavenly Air will guide you to the higher heavenly worlds.

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