NeuroSonic Sidekicks Package

$94.99 $74.99


  • You receive 9 highest quality audio tracks as instant download, packaged in highest quality MP3 format for easy playback on all your devices.
  • Get laser sharp focus in a matter of minutes by enjoying five beautifully crafted, non-distractive beta brainwave enhancing audios.
  • Tap from your full potential with two audios for deep meditation which are made with the same advanced brainwave enhancing techniques.
  • Receive two additional audios for better sleep. Because good sleep is essential for better focus during your day.
  • In total you’ll receive 9 highest quality brainwave altering audio tools. With playback times ranging from 10 – 20 minutes (140 minutes in total) and infinite loop-ability.




1. Optimal Focus (L: 20 min BWE: Beta)


2. Higher Focus (L: 10 min BWE: Beta)


3. Attention Enhancer (L: 10 min BWE: Beta)


4. Laser Focus (L: 20 min BWE: Beta)


5. Super Focus (L: 20 min BWE: Beta)


6. Deep Theta Meditation (L: 10 min BWE: Theta)


7. Advanced Alpha Meditation (L: 20 min BWE: Alpha)


8. Deep Delta Sleep (L: 10 min BWE: Delta)


9. Sleep Well Theta (L: 20 min BWE: Theta)


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