The power of sound: Can sound frequencies levitate an object?

Experimentation with sound, has also accomplished the feat of levitation by using sound waves. Acoustic levitation is possible because of the non-linear effects of intense sound waves. In some cases the sound waves are not even detected by the human ear as was demonstrated in the Otsuka laboratory. There is no limit to the size that can levitated with vibratory sound, but so far the experiments have only involved non living matter matter weighing only a few kilograms.
From time to time I (Daniel the Qualia+ sound guy) will be adding ‘The power of sound’ articles. In these articles I’ll show you some amazing things that sound can do. Sound can be used for so much more than mere entertainment. We’re just scratching the surface of its potential. In neuroscience we see that music and sound processing uses a lot of different brain centers and it is still a mystery how it exactly works. But there is a lot going on and its safe to say that we’re in the pioneering days of ‘applied sound’. I foresee a future where we could possibly even invent side-effect-free ‘sound medicine’, don’t know when but I will give it my all to contribute to this vision. This is my personal legend :-).
If you have interesting stuff about sound, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments! 🙂
Daniel Schotsborg
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  • devendra singh

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