1st Meditation

This is a meditation that you can use when you are stuck creatively or are having trouble solving a problem. In this meditation you will be guided to a place where the connection with your subconsciousness is stronger. This is the place where your creativity comes from. Before you start choose a question that you want answered and keep it in mind when you begin.


Holomoods - Waterfall

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Inner Power Meditation

  • Sit down with your back straight, your hand palms on your knee and your feet a little bit apart and flat on the ground. It is important that your body is totally relaxed and is not bothered by anything.

  • When you have the right posture, close your eyes take deep breaths. Take deep breaths in and out through your nose evenly, without stops in between. This will charge up your nervous system and will gently take you to the right relaxed state.

  • After about 1 – 2 minutes you can switch to normal breathing and imagine a place of high spirituality. Imagine the place where your higher self resides, a place full of light and pure energy. Try to feel it and experience the vibrant energy and warmth. Try to visualize how it looks for a few minutes.

  • When you are ready, focus on the goal of the meditation. If you have a question about something or if you want to get out of a creativity block, focus on it mentally. Repeat the question in your mind, do this briefly and with clarity. If it is a problem where you cannot find a solution, try to summarize it. Try to be clear and brief as well. If you have no problems or questions you don’t have to focus on anything and can just stay in meditation in a calm and receptive state.

  • After you’ve focused for a few minutes on the subject of your meditation, bring yourself in a complete passive state. Do not think about the problem or question anymore and let all thoughts come and go. Really try to melt away in the moment and keep your mind clear as a mountain lake. This is the most crucial moment in your meditation, this is where your problem is transported to your subconscious and the answer will come up, if you successfully stay in this passive state. Do not have any expectations, just be in that moment without thoughts. Your answer will come automatically now or maybe even after you are already done with the meditation.

  • When you feel that the time is right to stop the meditation, you can come back slowly to the room and open your eyes. Thank your higher self for this contact and continue your day. If you haven’t received an answer, you probably were still having thoughts in the passive state. Try to do it again on another time until you can totally clear your mind. The Qualia+ sound technology is specially made to help you with this.