2nd Meditation

This meditation is specially created to support you with visualizing a desire. Visualization is really important to reach your goals, even top athletes visualize themselves winning the match. With visualization it is important to see yourself in the state of already having what you desire. This meditation is made to really integrate the fulfillment of your desire in your subconscious.


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Visualization Meditation

  • Take 1 – 2 minutes to get in the right state of relaxation. Take deep breaths in and out through your nose for 1 minute. When you feel you are in the right state of relaxation you can begin.

  • Choose one single desire, the one you want most. Be sure that it is a single desire and that there are not other desires embedded in it. You will notice that a visualization on multiple desires will always fail, because it is not focused enough. Your subconscious does not understand if multiple desires are being projected at the same time, just like you cannot understand when multiple people are talking at the same time to you.

  • Now take the time to analyze your desire. This is a universe based on well-being, well-being is your natural state of being so you have to ask yourself a few things. Is it something that you really want? Is it something that not only you will benefit from but also the people around you? Is it something that will enhance the connection with your natural well-being? and of course it cannot be something that harms others.. It will not be permitted, because the laws of nature and the universe are based on the flow of well-being and things that go against this will not be permitted in visualization.

  • Now take your time to see if you deserve this desire. Have you done everything that is in your power to receive this desire? Ok, if the answer is yes to both, you can begin visualizing.

  • Take 1 minute to clear your mind and totally relax. Start visualizing yourself in the situation in which your desire is fulfilled. It is important that you feel the emotions of joy and excitement while you are in those moments. The visualization has to be so that it feels totally normal that the desire is fulfilled and that you are in the moment enjoying it. It is also important that you maintain a feeling of trust that the desire will happen. An unfailing trust that your subconscious will arrange everything that is needed to fulfill this desire.

  • When your visualization is completely clear and holds the fulfillment of your desire, breath deeply in through your nose, hold your breath for a little while and breath out slowly while saying in your mind: ‘it will be done’. After this you can slowly come back from your meditation, open your eyes, and totally forget about the visualization. The only thing you need to hold in your mind is a sense of trust and confidence that it will be done.