3rd Meditation

For this exercise you need a candle standing in front of you. When you focus your gaze at the candle, it is important that you try not to blink. You will notice that after a while you will get the feeling that you want to blink, try not to give in to that feeling. The blinking of the eye will take you out of your concentration. To do this, make sure you do not open your eyes too wide and concentrate in a calm and relaxed way. In the beginning this is hard but if you master this, it will be very good for your concentration and it is really fun.


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Mystical Candle Light Meditation

  • For this meditation you need a candle standing in front of you. The purpose is to see the aura of the flame. Begin with sitting in the right posture, your hands on your knees, your feet flat on the ground. Sit straight and relax for a moment, while deeply breathing in and out four times.

  • When you feel totally relaxed, focus your gaze on the flame while trying to avoid blinking as much as possible. Hold this concentration, until you see the aura of the flame. The aura looks like a white halo around the light zone of the flame. You can see this the clearest at the sides of the flame, but it is also possible to see it on top of the flame.

  • When you clearly see the halo around the flame, you will continue with the meditation, while in your mind you are saying: ‘red, red, red.’. Continue doing this until the aura of the flame is red. After a short break you continue to do this with the colors, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Every time you repeat the color mentally until the aura of the flame is that color.

  • If you are done with this exercise you can close your eyes and relax for a moment, until you feel you are done with the meditation. Bring your awareness back to your body and open your eyes.

  • For a good meditation practice, concentration is really important. This meditation exercise trains it. The physical element fire is the closest element to the spiritual world. So it is easiest to train your sight to see an aura on a candle flame. It could be that the first few times you can’t see the colors, but that’s ok, with practice, focus and concentration you will see it eventually.