5th Meditation

This is a very simple, yet powerful exercise that melts away stress instantly. This exercise is perfect to do just before you go to sleep, or if you’ve just come home from work and need to unwind. Together with the Qualia+ sound technology you will quickly enter the perfect state to meditate and reach deep meditation far more easy.


Elements Meditations - Mother Earth

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Body Scan Meditation

  • Find a comfortable place to lie down and be sure that you will not be distracted. You can lie on your back, with your arms on your sides, your legs uncrossed and your eyes closed. Focus on breathing from your stomach, when you inhale your stomach rises and when you exhale your stomach falls. Keep breathing like this for 2 minutes until you feel totally relaxed.

  • Turn your attention to your right foot. Keep breathing from your stomach and notice any sensations in your right foot. With each deep breath imagine it flowing through your right foot. Remain focused on your right foot for a minute.

  • After a minute, move your focus to your right calf. Try to feel any sensations in that part of your body and imagine your deep breaths flowing through that part as well. After a minute continue this sequence to your right thigh, right hip and buttock. After that continue this sequence with your left leg. Start with your left foot, then move to your left calf, thigh, hip and buttock.

  • Move the sequence to your stomach, chest, back and your arms. First your right hand, then your right arm, left hand and left arm. After that move to your neck and shoulders, after that your face. When you arrive at the top of your head, let your breath reach out beyond your body and imagine yourself hovering above yourself.

  • Now you’ve completed the relaxation meditation. Feel the deep relaxation and inner peace, notice how your body feels in this stillness.

    The relaxation sequence overview:

    1. Right foot, calf, thigh, hip & buttock     6. Right hand & arm

    2. Left foot, calf, thigh, hip & buttock       7. Left hand & arm

    3. Stomach                                                   8. Neck and shoulders

    4. Chest                                                        9. Face & top of head

    5. Back