7th Meditation

The relationship with your higher self, your subconsciousness, your greater potential, the bigger you, your soul or God within.. It doesn’t matter how you call it but it is one of the most important relationships you will have during your lifetime. Anything you do to establish, enhance and cherish that relationship will give you much happiness. Connecting with your higher self will give you an influx of inspiration, sense of purpose, joy, creativity and happiness. This is because it is the thing that you really are, you are such a great and powerful being and it is time that you (even more) experience and live this.


Solfeggio 3D - RE 417Hz

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Sphere of Light Meditation

  • Close your eyes and begin relaxing your body and bring your thoughts and emotions to rest. Take at least 3 minutes to relax and to quiet your mind. Call back all your energy which is spread out in the universe.

  • Imagine yourself in a place of high spirituality. Use images that work for you. Imagine for example the sky full of stars or your sacred space, like a temple, church or mosque. Connect with that ambiance and feel one with the higher part within you.

  • Go with the flow of this ambiance. Experiment with small adjustments in your posture. Try to find the right position to feel the most connected with your higher self. Take a deep breath and make it so that your head feels like it is floating. Try tilting your head forward or backward a bit, or maybe to the left or right. Slow down your thoughts and relax your stomach.

  • Experience your inner senses. Listen with all your senses. Notice that the mental chatter disappears. Notice also that you are getting more and more conscious of your surroundings. Sounds, smells and energies. Let this lift up your consciousness.

  • Notice your breathing. Let your hands and arms relax. Maybe you feel them tingling or getting warmer. This is good, this means you are connecting to a higher energy.

  • Imagine all cells in your brain’s right hemisphere, your receiving side, perfectly reflecting the higher realms. Imagine the energy of your higher self flowing in with perfect clarity and precision from your right hemisphere to your left hemisphere, your conscious mind. Observe your mind like a clear lake that reflects high energies. Take a few minutes to really feel the high vibration of your higher self.

  • Go with this awareness as high as you can. You will experience a feeling of love and compassion which is bigger than usual. Feel centered, balanced, loving and open.

  • Welcome in the harmonic connection with your higher self. Enjoy and stay for a few minutes in this feeling. When you’re ready, slowly return your awareness to your body and open your eyes.