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Reach Deeper Meditation Easier With Your Own Meditation Music Library


Have You Been Craving to Get Meditation Right?

..but lack of focus, mental chatter, boredom or restlessness have always stood in your way?

If so, then I know exactly where you’re coming from.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a busy mind full of chatter, distracting you from the peaceful meditative state you so crave. And to make matters even worse it always seems to take very long to get some results..

After several failed attempts you end up feeling disappointed because it is so much harder to achieve all the beneficial results from meditation than what you’ve been told.

Beneficial results like, enhanced creativity, longer concentration, better control over your thoughts, more happiness, less stress and peace of mind.

Unfortunately there just hasn’t been a quick and easy alternative to all the meditation programs out there.. Because the problem with these programs is that they either are of poor quality, are very expensive or it takes a long time to reap real rewards from..

That’s why today, we’re thrilled to announce our brand new Qualia+ Online Meditation Music Library.


Online Meditation Music Library

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Qualia+ Meditation Music Library is a tool that plays on any browser, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. It allows you to instantly get streaming access to the full Qualia+ collection of transformative music.

Sleep, Relax, Meditate, Get Inspired and Do More – All by playing a track on Qualia+ Online. Start your free trial now and after that pay less than the price of two cups of coffee per month for all the meditation music that you’ll ever need with more added every month.


Our Sounds Are Infused With Groundbreaking NeuroSonic Technology and Are Now Used by 332.342 People in 42 Countries


All our Qualia+ sounds have been featured by the top personal growth companies: Mindvalley and Insight Timer. In their various apps called Omvana, Dormio, Soulvana, Insight Timer and Mindbliss which are used by hundreds of thousands of people.

Here at Qualia+ we’ve been helping tens of thousands of meditation enthusiasts with greatly improving their meditation practice.

In our complete meditation music library we share everything we got. This means that you’ll have access to 90+ sounds instantly so that you always have the best possible music whenever you want to meditate.

The things that make our Qualia+ audios completely unique is that they are produced by professional brain / sound designers and use the most advanced brainwave entrainment techniques there are to date making this music specifically made and effective for meditation.


Crystal Clear Mind


Why Meditate With Qualia+


Decreased Stress

Stress melts away like snow for the sun. All the sounds take you to the Alpha and Theta states, these states relax both your body and brains. The sounds are engineered with a flow that induces deep meditation.


Greater Creativity

In the Theta state your creativity is greatly enhanced. Because in that state you are more in contact with the deeper parts of your consciousness.


Increased Focus

Certain frequencies have an empowering effect on your cognitive focus. After meditating consistently with multiple of our sounds you’ll notice increased focus over time.


More Energy

After you finish one of the deep Theta meditations, you will feel very refreshed and energized because your body regenerates in that state.


Decreased Anxiety

When meditating consistently and deeply you will reconnect more and more to your Higher Self, allowing a deeper connection with others resulting in decreased anxiety, depression and irritability.


Increased Learning Ability

Meditation and meditation especially with these brainwave altering sounds will increase your learning ability by positively influencing the neuroplasticity of your brains.


Meditate deeper


What Sets Our Audios Apart


3D Sound - Holophonics For Total Immersion

Next to the most effective brainwave entrainment techniques available, we have used subtle 3D sound technique called Holophonics. This technique supports that you will be totally immersed and will not be distracted by mental chatter or environmental noise.

Most Powerful Brainwave Entrainment Technology in The World

One of the most important elements of the Holomni-sound technology used in the audios is a mix of sound techniques called monaural beating frequencies (In the low frequencies) and isochronic tones (In the high frequencies), these have been proven to be even more effective than binaural beating frequencies and make it so that the brainwave entrainment is also effective on speakers.


Holomni-Flow For Solid Deep Meditation

This is the technique that has been used to compose the audios. For brainwave entrainment to work most effectively, the brainwave frequency has to be close to your own frequency. The closer it is to yours the easier your brain gets entrained to it. The Holomni-Flow is made to start at a frequency that is close to your normal relaxed brainwave state and it will gently guide you to a desired brainwave state. After that it will gently guide you back to your normal relaxed brainwave state so that each time you are done with a Holomni-Sound you feel revitalized and refreshed.


Most of the sounds use a combination of Dynamic Monaural and Isochronic brainwave frequencies. We’ve designed all the sounds to take your brains to all the brainwave states like focused Beta state, a relaxed Alpha state, a comfortable Theta state or the deep trance of a Delta state. Take for example the Theta state, in this state your subconsciousness is much more receptive to creative visualization techniques – this can mean a 12 times increase in effectivity which is called superadditivity. Making Theta & Alpha the perfect states to work and communicate with your subconsciousness. You’ll also notice that your visualizations are much more vivid and real while in this state.

With some of the sounds there is a difference between the Monaural and Isochronic Hz value, this is because your brain works with several frequencies at the same time. For example a Theta state is not just one frequency all the time, it is more a range. When being exposed to different frequencies at the same time but at different pitch, the frequency following response will occur more effective, faster and smoother.


Sleep Soundly


Start Today For Free

Don’t you think, you’ve been struggling to achieve deep and profound meditation for long enough?

You truly CAN break free from a restless mind, stress, lack of focus, little results and rediscover true and deep meditation once again, simply by grabbing your favorite tracks from our vast Meditation Music Library.

Imagine what it will feel like to meditate like a buddhist monk, all your stress melting away, mental chatter disappearing, laser sharp focus, deeper connection with those around you and for the coming year, every week a new audio to meditate to.

So get your meditation audio library now and start to meditate today.


Real Relaxation


Now you may be asking yourself how much a full meditation music library that delivers this much value is going to be.

And that’s understandable given that most people (on average) spend hundreds of dollars to get a fraction of what you’re receiving today.

But we believe in making great reliable products that work as you expect they should. And having been disappointed with every other meditation audio out there, we were left with no choice but to develop them ourselves.

After agonizing over every detail for the last 8 years, we can finally say that our meditation audio library has reached perfection.


We really want to help as much people around the world to experience the power of 3D meditation music. We will give it the lowest possible price we can give it because we believe that the sounds have to be accessible to everyone who is serious about meditation.

Pricing starts with as little as $6 per month for our Complete Meditation Music Library containing 90+ tracks with more added every month.

So if you’re ready to make a change in your life and have deep profound meditation, click the button below to Start your free trial now.