Deep Theta Meditation

Deep Theta Meditation

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NeuroSonic Sidekick – Deep Theta Meditation

Length: – 10 min

Brainwave Frequency:  Theta

Use This Sound For: Reducing Wandering Thoughts and to Meditate Deeply

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Get laser sharp focus in a matter of minutes by enjoying five beautifully crafted, non-distractive beta brainwave enhancing audios. Tap from your full potential with two audios for deep meditation which are made with the same advanced brainwave enhancing techniques. Receive two additional audios for better sleep. Because good sleep is essential for better focus during your day. In total there are 9 highest quality brainwave altering NeuroSonic Sidekicks. With playback times ranging from 10 – 20 minutes (140 minutes in total) and infinite loop-ability.