Holomoods Package

Holomoods Package

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Package contains 4 highest quality MP3′s optimized for loop mode, making the original 10 minutes infinitely expandable:

Misty Lake – 10 min | BWE: Normal Alpha |

Often times the mind is like a misty lake, not clear and full with noise. The first Holomood is created to clear the mist of the lake, this is done by letting thoughts come and go just like the water current flows and ebbs..

Mayan Ceremony – 10 min | BWE: Deep Alpha |

The Mayans knew that energy follows awareness and with this Mayan ceremony you will focus your awa- reness on one thing: your Higher Self which lies within. You will not be distracted by anything outside of yourSelf.

Waterfall – 10 min | BWE: Alpha Theta Border |

The source of the waterfall is your Higher Self, from which your consciousness flows down the waterfall into this reality. Be one with your source and let your awareness flow like the waterfall.

Full Moon Spirit – 10 min | BWE: Theta |

The full moon spirit stands for the cycle of death and rebirth, by means of non identification you can be ribirthed in your higher reality, your true self. Experience this reality within you in the Full Moon Spirit.

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Misty Lake

This symbol is a tranquil eye, with a clear and calm lake reflected in it. The clearness and balance can be seen by the eye because the calm lake can now receive and reflect the light. The eye is a metaphor for our mind, which needs to be calmed first before it can receive the inner light.

Mayan Ceremony

You see a ceremonial circle of stones and the four directions of the compass to guide you on your path. You are the inner fire, you are the center and the focus of this meditation. With inner fire is meant that you awaken the energy from within, providing you with focused energy.

The compass is a metaphor for the guiding of your emotions and thoughts. A good focus can be improved by meditation. When you can guide your energy well, you are on the right path to have the right focus. Use this inner compass to guide you and feel the power of your enhanced focus. This is all in preparation for the awakening of your consciousness, which is symbolized by the eclipse.


In the Chinese tradition a waterfall is a symbol for balance. The clearness and focus of the previous moods have made that you can reach a state of equilibrium and flow from within. ‘Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.’ The falling of the water symbolizes the letting go of thoughts and emotions and being one with the moment in that state of eternal flow. Every water drop you hear falling is a particle of an infinite flow. This stream of energy is coming from within, flowing eternally. It is what you really are.

Full Moon Spirit

The mystical power of the feminine full moon combined with the masculinity of spirit. In this full moon ex- perience you will ground yourself firmly. You are rooted firmly in the earth under the light of the full moon, while you are at the same time being lifted up in spirit. Ying and Yang coming together to rebirth your es- sence in your waking consciousness. You will now have a clearer connection with your Higher Self.