Qualia+ 3D Sound Meditation Package

Qualia+ 3D Sound Meditation Package

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We believe that the sounds have to be a tool and an experience while not distracting you with associations of genre or emotion. We’ve used the ancient Indian method (not sound) of composing meditation music, where there is a constant drone on a certain frequency. We’ve used frequencies like the frequency of the earth: ‘Schumann Resonance frequency’ & the orbits of the planets of our solar system as drone frequencies for the different Qualia. All other sounds are harmonically related to the drone frequency. This way the sounds will reach you on a much deeper level than normally produced music. Your cells and DNA will recognize and be tuned to these frequencies.

We have given each Qualia an intensity rating so that you can easily choose a meditation according to your mood and level of experience. The lower rating ones are more relaxing and less intense, but if you want to go really deep you can choose the more intense ones.

In the description below we will give the intensity ratings (ranging from 1 to 5 with 5 being the most intense and 1 the least intense) of the Qualia and some background information. It is important to know that a Qualia is a subjective instance of conscious experience, so we want to as much as possible let the experience be yours.

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1. Red: Intensity level 2 – 3 | Tuned to the orbit of the mystical planet Mercury and uses the mystical sounds of the east.

2. Orange: Intensity level 1 | Tuned to the Sun, this warm and calming meditation charges and connects you to the warmth and life-giving energy of the Sun.

3. Yellow: Intensity level 3 | Tuned to the orbit of the mystical planet Mercury, this is the most melodic meditation and uses the sounds of our Aborigonal brothers and sisters.

4. Green: Intensity level 4 | Tuned to the orbit of the moon, the intensity is building up and transports you to another level.

5. Blue: Intensity level 5 | Tuned to the orbit of our planet Earth, this meditation will ground you firmly in the earth and at the same time transports you through the universe.

6. Violet: Intensity level 1 | Tuned to the orbit of our planet through our milky way galaxy encompassing a whole cycle of consciousness growth, this is the ultimate 2012 awakening frequency.