Mayan Ceremony

Mayan Ceremony

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The Mayans knew that energy follows awareness and with this Mayan ceremony you will focus your awareness on one thing: your Higher Self which lies within. You will not be distracted by anything outside of yourSelf.

Length: 10 Min

Brainwave Frequency: Deep Alpha

Use This Sound For: Spiritual Meditation & Relaxation

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You see a ceremonial circle of stones and the four directions of the compass to guide you on your path. You are the inner fire, you are the center and the focus of this meditation. With inner fire is meant that you awaken the energy from within, providing you with focused energy.

The compass is a metaphor for the guiding of your emotions and thoughts. A good focus can be improved by meditation. When you can guide your energy well, you are on the right path to have the right focus. Use this inner compass to guide you and feel the power of your enhanced focus. This is all in preparation for the awakening of your consciousness, which is symbolized by the eclipse.